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Care and Cleaning

Your digital camera will only keep working at peak efficiency if you look after it. Dirt can seriously impair the operation of your camera.

Lens Cleaning

If your lens is damaged then all your photographs will suffer. Never touch the surface of the lens with anything that can scratch glass. This can include tissue and toilet paper. Care should be taken when using cleaning fluids. Only use proper lens fluid, and apply this sparingly to a lens cloth rather than directly to the lens.

Removing Dust

The correct way to clean a lens is to remove any dust using a proper lens brush, you could also use a can of compressed air or a blower. Do not blow on the lens with your mouth, as you could inevitably get small droplets of saliva on it. Wipe the lens once the dust has been removed. You can get special lint-free lens cleaning cloths from your local camera shop. these are the only things you should ever use for this. Wipe the lens from side to side, never in a circle, this only moves dirt around the lens without removing it.

LCD Monitor

I suggest cleaning your LCD monitor with the same cloth you use for your lens. As with your lens, use a side to side motion rather than a circular one.

Camera Body

General dirt on the body of your camera can be removed with a soft dry cloth. It is ok to use a slightly damp cloth for more stubborn grime, but make sure you dry it off immediately after.

Water and Moisture

Moisture can get inside and mess with the electronics or inside your lens and ruin your photographs. If you camera gets splashed by rain, wipe it off at once with a soft dry cloth. It is also a great idea to keep a bag of silica gel in your camera bag. This substance absorbs moisture, sucking it out of the air. Keeping some with your camera will help keep it dry.

Electrical Contacts

It is important that the electrical contacts between your camera and the memory card are clean. It you think that there may be dust on the contacts in your memory card slot, give it a blast of compressed air. If that doesn’t work, I would suggest  having your camera professionally serviced. Do not attempt to clean using cotton buds or pipe cleaners, as this could permanently damage your camera.

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